Calla-Lily Yingzi Huang
Head of Media | Diversity and Careers Officer

Good Morning or Good Evening wherever in the world you may be! 

My name is Calla-Lily, I am a Second-Year Law LLB Student. I hope this year we will be able to help you much more on your journey to the bar, whether it be developing your advocacy skills within our Main Moot or Beginner’s Moot or gaining knowledge and advice from us on applications and work experience - mini-pupillage’s for example! 

It is my upmost pleasure to be your Media & Careers & Diversity Officer this year 2021-22, my goal this year is to provide more accessible information across our social media platform and during events in regards to applications and opportunities. But also to spread awareness of the fact that the bar, through schemes and new policies, is becoming more accessible and increasing the equality of access to opportunities in the legal profession across all underrepresented groups. There are many opportunities for students who, owing to their disability, ethnic background, socio-economic background, education, sexuality or identity, belong to groups which are statistically underrepresented in the profession. I hope I can help remove some initial barriers on your pathway to the bar!