Nuremberg Moot Court

The Nuremberg Moot Court is an international competition, held in English in Nuremberg, Germany. University teams from all over the world are invited to argue a fictitious case before the "International Criminal Court" during a three-day competition.

The International Military Tribunal held the Nuremberg Trials from 1945 to 1949. They resulted in the recognition of the Nuremberg Principles, which ultimately led to the creation of the International Criminal Court.

This location allows students to practice international criminal law at its very birthplace, offering both a historical and educational experience.

The organisers collaborate with highly esteemed professionals, such as national and international judges, academics, and other legal practitioners. This moot is particularly competitive and difficult, you will only be selected to proceed to the oral round if you are ranked top 50/150 in memorial submissions.  


+ Monday 17 January 2022 Deadline for 1000 word Written Application per team.

+ Monday 31 January 2022 The case will be published.

+ Thursday 31 March 2022 Deadline For Submitting the memorials, both the prosecution and the defence. 

+ Friday 8 July 2022 Preliminary Rounds ( Depending on your memoranda Score).